Sydänlanka Oy serves both business and individual customers. For business it provides human resources development (HRD) services to strengthen productivity, balance and wellbeing at work and to support work-life balance. The main objective is to improve business performance through development of people skills because motivated and engaged employees make better results. Services for individual customers support them to become more aware of their own values and priorities and help to construct a concrete vision of a preferred future and possible solutions.

Services for entrepreneurs, leaders, teams and organisations: leadership coaching, supervision/work counselling, organisational and team development support.

Services for individual customers:  coaching, supervision/work counselling and solution focused psychotherapy.

Services are tailored to support customers´ strategy and targets. All services are based on solution focus approach which helps to discover customers´ own skills, resources, possibilities, ideas and solutions to strengthen what already work. Main focus is to provide practical, interactive, future oriented, empowering, diversity honouring, engaging and energizing services in order to achieve real dialogue together.

CEO Sari Ridell is a social psychologist, solution focused psychotherapist and trained supervisor/work counsellor. She was awarded the Oulu region Woman Entrepreneur of 2015 by Oulu Region’s Women Entrepreneurs organisation.